MBrace.Core and MBrace.Azure

Provisioning your cluster using F# interactive

If using a locally simulated cluster (via ThespianCluster.fsx) you can ignore this tutorial. This tutorial is from the MBrace Starter Kit.

In this tutorial you learn how you can use the MBrace.Azure.Management library to provision an MBrace cluster using F# Interactive. In order to proceed, you will need to sign up for an Azure subscription. Once signed up, download your publication settings file .

Before proceeding, please go to AzureCluster.fsx and set your azure authentication data and deployment preferences. Once done, we can reload the script.

#load "AzureCluster.fsx"

Now let's create a new cluster by calling

let deployment = Config.ProvisionCluster()

We can track the provisioning progress of the cluster by calling


Provisioning can take some time (approximately 5 minutes). Once done, you can now connect to your cluster as follows:

let cluster = Config.GetCluster()


You can now run any of the subsequent tutorials and examples in your Azure cluster.

Modifying the cluster

You can resize the cluster by calling

Config.ResizeCluster 20

When done, it is important to make sure that the cluster has been deprovisioned



In this tutorial, you've learned how to provision an MBrace clusters running on Azure using MBrace.Azure.Management. You are now ready to proceed with further samples to learn more about the MBrace programming model.

To learn more about provisioning, monitoring, scaling and deleting clusters using MBrace.Azure.Management see going-further/200-managing-azure-clusters.fsx.

namespace MBrace
namespace MBrace.Azure
namespace MBrace.Azure.Management
val deployment : Deployment

Full name: 0-provision-azure-cluster.deployment
Multiple items
module Config

type Config =
  private new : unit -> Config
  static member DefaultLogger : ISystemLogger
  static member DefaultLogger : ISystemLogger with set

Full name: MBrace.Azure.Management.Config
val ProvisionCluster : unit -> Deployment

Full name: Config.ProvisionCluster

 Provisions a new cluster to Azure with supplied parameters
member Deployment.ShowInfo : ?showVmInstances:bool -> unit
val cluster : AzureCluster

Full name: 0-provision-azure-cluster.cluster
val GetCluster : unit -> AzureCluster

Full name: Config.GetCluster

 Connect to the cluster
member MBrace.Runtime.MBraceClient.ShowWorkers : unit -> unit
val ResizeCluster : newVmCount:int -> unit

Full name: Config.ResizeCluster

 Resizes the cluster using an updated VM count
val DeleteCluster : unit -> unit

Full name: Config.DeleteCluster

 Deletes an existing cluster deployment
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