Namespace: MBrace.Runtime.Components

Static members

Static memberDescription
Signature: (store:ICloudFileStore * getLogFiles:(unit -> Async<string []>) * pollingInterval:int option * discardInitial:bool option) -> StoreJsonLogPoller<'LogEntry>
Type parameters: 'LogEntry

Creates an observable instance which polls the underlying store for new log entries.

Signature: (store:ICloudFileStore * nextLogFilePath:(unit -> string) * minInterval:int option * maxInterval:int option * minEntries:int option * sysLogger:ISystemLogger option) -> StoreJsonLogWriter<'LogEntry>
Type parameters: 'LogEntry

Creates a logger implementation which asynchronously persists entries to underlying store using JSON. Log files are persisted in batches which are created periodically depending on traffic.

ReadJsonLogEntries(store, logFiles)
Signature: (store:ICloudFileStore * logFiles:string []) -> Async<seq<'LogEntry>>
Type parameters: 'LogEntry

Fetches all log entries found in store.

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