Namespace: MBrace.Runtime.Components

Management object used for optimizing large closures using CloudValue and Vagabond. Type is not serializable, transfer using the StoreAssemblyManagerConfiguration object instead.

Instance members

Instance memberDescription
SiftClosure(value, allowNewSifts)
Signature: (value:'T * allowNewSifts:bool) -> Async<SiftedClosure<'T>>
Type parameters: 'T

Creates a sifted closure for given value if necessary.

Signature: siftedClosure:SiftedClosure<'T> -> Async<'T>
Type parameters: 'T

Recovers the original closure by substituting sifted values in the local context.

Static members

Static memberDescription
Create(configuration, localLogger)
Signature: (configuration:ClosureSiftConfiguration * localLogger:ISystemLogger option) -> ClosureSiftManager

Creates a local ClosureSiftManager instance with provided configuration object.

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