Namespace: MBrace.Core

Static members

Static memberDescription
Dequeue(this, timeout)
Signature: (this:CloudQueue<'T> * timeout:int option) -> 'T
Type parameters: 'T

Receive a single message from queue.

DequeueBatch(this, maxItems)
Signature: (this:CloudQueue<'T> * maxItems:int) -> 'T []
Type parameters: 'T

Dequeues a batch of messages from the queue. Will dequeue up to the given maximum number of items, depending on current availability.

Enqueue(this, message)
Signature: (this:CloudQueue<'T> * message:'T) -> unit
Type parameters: 'T

Add message to the queue.

EnqueueBatch(this, messages)
Signature: (this:CloudQueue<'T> * messages:seq<'T>) -> unit
Type parameters: 'T

Add batch of messages to the queue.

Signature: this:CloudQueue<'T> -> int64
Type parameters: 'T

Gets the current message count of the queue.

Signature: this:CloudQueue<'T> -> 'T option
Type parameters: 'T

Asynchronously attempts to dequeue a message from the queue. Returns None instantly if no message is currently available.

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