Namespace: MBrace.Azure.Management

MBrace.Azure.Management extension methods

Type extensions

Type extensionDescription
Signature: (deployment:Deployment * clientId:string option * faultPolicy:FaultPolicy option * logger:ISystemLogger option * logLevel:LogLevel option) -> AzureCluster

Connects to supplied MBrace Azure deployment instance. If successful returns a management handle object to the cluster.

CompiledName: AzureCluster.Connect.Static

FromStorageAccount(account, ?serializer)
Signature: (account:StorageAccount * serializer:ISerializer option) -> CloudFileSystem

Creates a blob storage client object from given storage account object.

CompiledName: AzureBlobStorage.FromStorageAccount.Static

Signature: (publishSettingsFile:string * serviceName:string * subscriptionId:string option) -> Deployment

Gets an already existing deployment instance using provided publish settings and service name.

CompiledName: Deployment.GetDeployment.Static

Signature: (publishSettingsFile:string * region:Region * vmCount:int * vmSize:VMSize option * cloudServicePackage:string option * subscriptionId:string option * logger:ISystemLogger option * logLevel:LogLevel option * mbraceVersion:string option * storageAccount:string option * serviceBusAccount:string option * serviceName:string option * clusterLabel:string option * enableDiagnostics:bool option * reuseAccounts:bool option) -> Deployment

Starts deployment of MBrace cloud service with supplied parameters.

CompiledName: Deployment.Provision.Static

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